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  1. Amateur Radio
  2. Antennas
  3. Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
    1. The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR)
      is a regularly updated, editorial compilation of C.F.R. material and Federal Register amendments produced by the National Archives and Records Administration's Office of the Federal Register (OFR) and the Government Printing Office.
    2. Frequency Allocation Table
      "The FCC's Table of Frequency Allocations consists of the International Table of Frequency Allocations ("International Table") and the United States Table of Frequency Allocations ("United States Table")." Updated
    3. Spectrum Dashboard
  4. International Broadcasting
    1. Broadcasting Board of Governors
    2. BBG Watch: U.S. & International Media
    3. Kim Andrew Elliot reporting on International Broadcasting
    4. Voice of America
  5. Listening
    1. Long Wave
      1. Clubs
        1. LWCA: Longwave Club of America
    2. Medium Wave
      1. MWList
    3. Shortwave
      1. Clubs
        1. NASWA: The North American Shortwave Association
        2. Worldwide DX Club (including "Top News")
      2. Convert kHz to Meters
      5. HFBC CIRAF Zone Maps
      6. ITU Regions
      7. Mystery Signals of the Short Wave
      8. Receivers
        1. Boatanchor Pix Updated
        2. On The Table (comments on sw receivers owned since 1952; 804 KB) pdf
      9. On The Shortwaves
      10. Shortwave Broadcast Schedules (Yahoo user group)
      11. Shortwave Frequency Schedules (uses world map)
      13. Woodpecker (Remember that annoying OTH radar signal sweeping the HF binds?)
      14. World of Radio (Glenn Hauser)
  6. Radio & TV DX Information Centre New
  7. RadioWorld
  8. Propagation, Solar & Space Weather
  9. Scanning
  10. Space Weather
  11. What Time Is It?
  12. Winter SWL Festival