Propagation, Solar & Space Weather

Revised 2019-04-20

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Angry sunSpace weather and solar disturbances impacts the ionosphere, affecting radio wave transmission (propagation).

  1. Solar Data: Current (graphics)
  2. Gray Line
    1. Day & Night World Map
    2. Fourmilab Earth View
    3. Gray Line Map
  3. latest aia_211 imageHelioviewer
  4. International Space Environment Service
  5. IPS Radio and Space Services (Australia)
  6. Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
  7. Solar Ham (by VE3EN)
  8. Solar Monitor (NASA, one-stop)
  9. Solar Resource Page (by WM7D)
  10. NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
    1. Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) Real Time Wind
    2. Geophysical Alert WWV/NBS Message (latest)
    3. GOES X-ray Flux
    4. Last 30 Days Daily Solar Data
    5. Aurora—30-Minute Forecast
    6. Radio Communications Dashboard
    7. Space Weather Enthusiasts Dashboard
  11. Solar Influences Data Center
  12. Space Weather Canada
  13. Spaceweather
  14. Tromsø Geophysical Observatory

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