How Do I Start Investing?

Revised 2022-10-10

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The purpose of this writing is to detail sources of investing information I find useful. The items are grouped as follows:

The following material is based upon my education, experience, interests and research. Opinions are mine. Understand that this material is not to be taken as professional advice, and you must do your own due diligence. I have been retired for a number of years now, and fortunately have the luxury of time to read, listen and watch. I did not work in the financial industry, nor was I a CPA. I consider myself a news junkie and a techie (first personal computer in 1979, first mobile phone in 1991).

First Steps

Second Steps

Third Steps

Fourth Steps

Fifth Steps

Safety Valves



Suggested readings (not inclusive, not ordered) on philosophy, concepts, strategies et al. Check your local library, including its online loan service.

A few suggested readings (not inclusive, not ordered), more to the point of how-to reads, of Wiley and their For Dummies offerings are examples of books readily in book stores and available on line. Note the Wiley and For Dummies books are less expensive at retailers, and epub-format books are available at even less cost.

Are there other books that could be recommended? Sure. Look to your local and college library. And look here


In conclusion, these comments are assembled from multiple tagged notes in my Evernote account. I apologize in advance for grammer and syntax that may not be consistent, and the tablet's autocorrect may have tripped me up in places. Nevertheless I hope this information helps. Your mileage may vary.

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