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My Writing Philosophy
Do not assume prior knowledge.
Provide footnotes and references as appropriate.

Our writings over the years…

These business and radio writings, below, are in addition to the columns and articles written for the Newark News Radio Club (back to 1956) and the North American Shortwave Association shortwave listening clubs.

Our foray into microcomputers began in 1979 with a loaded Apple II and a 300 bps Hayes modem. Our shortwave radio-oriented Pinelands RBBS telephone bulletin board system, using an early Chinese IBM PC clone, went online in the early 1980s, and survived a bit more than a year after our move onto the web in 1991.


Auerbach Management Series
Auerbach Publishers

Faulkner Technical Reports
Faulkner Publishing

Time–Life ACCESS
Boston Publishing Co.

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The short story: I began shortwave listening and learned the code in 1952, but I didn't get around to getting a Novice license until the summer of 1975. Licensed as WN2AYA, then WB2AYA, and getting the Amateur Extra license in January 1977 enabled me to select a 1x2 call. (The X suffixes had just been released from the experimental service.) W2XQ has a license history dating back to 1919.

Over the years we had numerous radios on the table pdf since 1952. Have a read.

Shortwave was and remains as the sole mechanism to deliver programming that cannot be controlled by a gateway. Whereas satellites can be jammed and the Internet can be turned off, only solar flares limit the propagation of radio waves.

Amateur Radio Today
Davis Publications, Inc.

Communications Handbook

CQ, The Radio Amateur's Journal
CQ Publishing Inc.

ESR (Electronics-Science-Radio) Magazine

Robert Harper, VK4KNH, Editor

Elementary Electronics
Davis Publications, Inc.

Ham Radio Horizons
Communications Technology, Inc.

Harmonics — club bulletin
South Jersey Radio Association

Modern Maturity

Monitoring Times
Grove Enterprises

New York Times

Philadelphia Inquirer

Popular Electronics

Radio and Communications
Cinch Publications (ex-ACP Action and ex-ACP Syme)

Leonard John Shaw, VK3ALS, Editor

Radio Experimenter
Davis Publications

Radio–TV Experimenter
Davis Publications

Radio Nederland Wereldomroep
Hilversum, Holland

Radiomag P/L

Cowan Publishing Corporation

Tom Kneitel, K2AES, Editor

Scanner Digest Newsletter
Lou Campagna, N3TMA, Publisher

Wayne Green's 73, Inc.

World Radio TV Handbook
Billboard Publications

World DX Guide
Billboard Ltd.

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