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  1. Abbreviations & Acronyms
  2. Air Pollution in the World : Realtime Air Quality Map
  3. Bitwarden Password Manager
  4. Camel Camel Camel (free Amazon price tracker)
  5. CNET
    1. Google keeps a scary amount of data on you. Here's how to find and delete it.
    2. Strong passwords: 9 rules to make, remember and manage your login credentials.
  6. CSGNetwork (calculators, converters et al)
  7. Disqus
  8. DNS Network Tools (free network analysis programs)
  9. Digital Attack Map
  10. Down for everyone or just me?
  11. Hop in the Driver's Seat | Ford Heritage Vault
  12. Grabify (create or track URLs)
  13. Heritage Daily
  14. Internet Archive: LibriVox
  15. Internet Archive: LibriVox: Channing: A Short History of the United States
  16. Make Use Of
    1. Use This "Make a Copy" Trick When Sharing Google Drive Documents
  17. The Million Dollar Homepage
  18. Money Music (How much are your records worth?)
  19. Music
    1. American Songwriter
      1. Behind the Band: The Lovin Spoonful
      2. Who Wrote The Seminal Classic Rock Song "Louie Louie"? Hint: It’s Not Who You Think
    2. Ultimate Classic Rock
      1. How 100 of Rock's Biggest Acts Got Their Names
  20. Only In Your State
  21. Photopea | Online Photo Editor
  22. QR Code Generator
  23. Quizly
  24. Reddit : old
  25. Search
    1. Webcrawler
    2. Yandex
  26. Slashdot
  27. Symbols
  28. The Register: Enterprise Technology News and Analysis
  29. Transactional Records Across Clearinghouse
  30. US Inflation Calculator
  31. Voice of Victory (WW2 radio) Streaming video
  32. Wolfram|Alpha