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Revised 2020-02-04

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Colorado Digital Multiproticol


W2XQOccasionally I serve as net control. In part 2 and 3 of the net, links to reading resources and websites are often provided. The purpose of this page is to provide documentation, if appropriate, to same.

4 February 2020

Links from Net

28 January 2020

Initial Thoughts on the new SharkRF OpenSPOT 3 : Toshen, KEOFHS


21 January 2020

The Rubber Duck is a Dummy Load : Clint Beckett, WB3EHB

14 January 2020

Pi-Star 4.1 Foibles : Toshen, KEOFHS

This webpage is intended for immediacy for nets I occasionally run. The information will also appear on the Colorado Digital Resources webpage. Miss a net? Listen to the net recording.

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