New Jersey Roadway Mileposts: I-95

Revised 2012-07-12

New or updated entries indicated with New or Updated. Labels expire in 30-60 days.

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This page is intended as a quick-reference summary of county and municipal boundary and interchange mileposts, accessible on a smartphone and tablet. Data is compiled from the state's official straight line diagrams data.

Exchange Number
Intersecting Interstate, US, NJ, or county route (CR) number
Route also known as by an alternate road name
Municipality: city, borough, town, or township
Fire/EMS District

I-95 Section 1 (South to North)

Mercer County

Intersecting Road
MP Ex Route Name Municipality
I-95 Mercer County
MP Ex Route Name Muni
0.00 Begin I-95 Section 1 Ewing Twp
0.07 NJ 29 Ewing Twp
0.24 1 NJ 175
1.56 2 CR 579 Bear Tavern Rd
2.37 Government Boundary
2.83 3 CR 611 Scotch Rd Hopewell Twp
3.36 Government Boundary
Ewing Twp
4.00 Government Boundary
4.24 4 NJ 31 Pennington Rd Hopewell Twp
5.59 Government Boundary
5.64 5 Federal City Rd Lawrence Twp
7.11 7 US 206
7.57 Franklin Corner Rd
8.12 8 CR 583 Princeton Pike
8.77 End I-95 Section 1
67.79 End I-295