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Look for me on Allstar (#51207), Echolink (W2XQ–L) and DMR.


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  1. History Behind [W]2XQ Call
  2. IARUWant to get your amateur radio license? Start by reading…
    1. Licenses are issued by governments. Rules and regulations and tests differ. Your national amateur radio organization is the best place to start the process. Information on the process for applying for a license, acquiring study materials, where to take the license examination, where to find local radio clubs (to find mentors and…) and more should be available. The IARU is an international umbrella organization for all national amateur radio associations; find your country's organization.
    2. International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)
      1. RACCanada: Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)
      2. Member since 1975USA: American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
        1. ARRL Magazines
        2. US Amateur Radio Bands (also see the worldwide table on the FCC site)
        3. USA & Canadian Frequency Coordinators
  3. Antennas
    1. Beverage
    2. Chameleon Antenna (portable & loop ant's)
    3. The Classic Multiband Dipole pdf
      Steve Ford, WB8IMY, QST, March 2004
    4. HF Antennas 101 pdf
      Van Field, W2OQI, QST, September 2004
    5. KK5JY (variety of interesting ideas)
    6. Line of Sight, Horizon et al
      1. Antenna Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT) Calculator
      2. Create RF Coverage Map
      3. RF Line of Sight
  4. Call Signs
    1. Call Sign History
      1. History of Call Signs, including Vanity pdf
      2. An Overview of Amateur Call Signs—Past and Present (QST May 1994) pdf
      3. Research Old Amateur Radio Calls
        1. Amateur Radio Call Books
        2. How to Find Old Amateur Radio Call Signs
        3. Internet Archive Search: subject:"callbook"
        4. Old Amateur Radio Callbooks Available
      4. The Storied History of the Ham Radio Callsign Streaming video
    2. Call Sign Lookups
      1. Government Agencies
        1. Canada: Spectrum Management and Telecommunications
        2. USA: Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
      2. HamCall
      3. QRZ
      4. Silent Key Archive
  5. Dealers
    1. Buy Two Way Radios
    2. Radioddity
  6. Digital
    1. Modes
      1. AllStar
        1. AllstarLink
          1. Wiki
        2. Asterisk Allstar…
        3. Equipment
          1. ClearNode | Node-Ventures | W6WNG
            What a fantastic unit, and great service! Recommended, period!
          2. TechNo By George, LLC | WB3DZZ
        4. Maps New
          1. Allstar Node Map
          2. Google Allstar Map
        5. Nets
          1. East Coast Reflector Tech & Swap-Shop Net
          2. WIN System Technical Net (Friday 1900 Pacific)
          3. Directories New
            1. Allstar Directory
            2. Allstar Nets
            3. Allstar Node Directory New
      2. AMBE
        1. XRF Reflectors Lovers Club
      3. D–Star
        1. Colorado HD Hotspot Discussion Net
        2. D-STAR Info
        3. D-STARusers
        4. Peanut (app)
        5. Reflector 20 D-STAR Dashboard
      4. DMR
      5. FreeSTAR New
      6. FT8
        1. FT8 Operating Guide pdf by Gary Hinson, ZL2IFB
      7. M17
        1. Discord
        2. M17 Project
          1. Forum
            ֍The M17 Project Net meets weekly, on Fridays at 1700 UTC on the M17-M17 Reflector, Module C.
          2. Reflectors
          3. Twitter
          4. YouTube
        3. Nets
          1. Worldwide Amateur Radio Ragchew Net
            M17-WWR Module D
            Sunday 11a ET
            KC5HMW net control
            M17–WWR Reflector Dashboard
            Echolink access: W1STW-L
        4. M17–432 Reflector Dashboard
        5. M17–983 Reflector Dashboard
      8. P25
        1. P25 Reflector List
        2. Project 25 Technology Interest Group
        3. South Jersey P25 Reflector by KC2IDB
    2. Reflectors
      1. REF, XRF, DCS, XLX: what’s the difference? (by F4FXL)
      2. xReflector
        1. DCS006
      3. X Reflector Directory
      4. XLX Multiproticol Gateway Reflector
      5. URF734 Universal Reflector by W2GLD
    3. Software
      1. DroidStar | Android | iOS (…P25, DMR, Fusion, NXDN, M17, and IAX(AllStar).)
        1. DroidStar APK Build Files (download previous Android versions)
        2. DroidStar Configuration Notes pdf
        3. Add Vocoder to Android Device Streaming video
        4. DroidStar
        5. How to Install Droidstar Vocoder… Streaming video
        6. Installing the Software Vocoder
        7. AMBE Plug-ins
      2. Peanut by PA7LIM (DMR & D–Star)
  7. EchoLink
  8. East Coast Reflector | WB2JPQ (Allstar, Echolink, tech net…)
    1. History of the Ham Radio Callsign
  10. FCC Amateur Radio Service
    1. FCC Part 97 Rules & Regulations
  11. Find Amateurs By Location
    1. FCC Bulletin
    2. FCC Advanced Amateur License Search
    3. FCC Registered Amateur Radio Licenses in the US
  12. Gray Line (Sunrise‒Sunset Terminator)
  13. Grounding
  14. Ham Radio Secrets
  15. Latitude–Longitude Calculations
  16. Library
    1. Amateur Radio Operation in the Soviet Union: 1965 (2.4mb) pdf
      F Gayle Durham, Center for International Studies, MIT, June 1965
    2. The Radio Amateur's Hand Book by A. Frederick Collins
      A Complete, Authentic and Informative Work on Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony (1922)
  17. Lightning
    1. IEEE: How to Protect… pdf
    2. Lightning Protection for the Amateur Radio Station – Parts 1, 2 and 3 pdf
      Ron Block, KB2UYT, QST, June-August 2002
  18. Magazines
    1. List of amateur radio magazines
    2. World Radio History
  19. Maps
    1. Amateur Radio License Map
    2. Azimuth Map | NS6T
    3. EI8iC's Mapability (virtually all the amateur radio maps one could ever want…)
  20. Propagation Predictions
    1. Propagation (ARRL)
    2. Proppy (also see "About" for help)
    3. VHF Propagation Map
    4. VOACAP Quick Guide
      1. VOACAP Online HF Predictions (Amateur Radio)
  21. QSL
    1. Old QSL Cards (by W8JYZ)
  22. Repeaters
    1. Burlington County
    2. Coordinating Councils
      1. Area Repeater Coordination Council (ARCC) (sNJ, ePA)
      2. MetroCor–Metropolitan Coordination Association, Inc. (nNJ, NYC area, LI)
      3. Middle Atlantic FM and Repeater Council (T-MARC) (DC, DE, MD, nVA, eWV)
      4. USA & Canadian Frequency Coordinators (info not available from ARRL)
  23. RF Calculators

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