Amateur Radio: DMR

Revised 2022-08-22

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DMR Simplex
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  1. What is DMR?
    1. DMR For Dummies
    2. What Is DMR? (also see Tait videos)
    3. Get/Register a DMR ID |
  2. Amateur Radio Notes by KE0FHS (a must read)
  3. Networks
    1. BrandMeister Network
      1. Hoseline
      2. News
      3. Notes
      4. Talkgroups (Download CSV etc list using buttons atop page)
      5. USA Docs (help/jnfo on servers)
    2. FreeDMR
      1. FreeDMR Server Status
      2. New Zealand FreeDMR
    3. SkyHub Link System
    4. T G I F Network
  4. Hotspots
    1. Hotspots (KE0FHS)
    2. NEX-GEN Custom Hot Spots: Rugged Spot
  5. Nets
    1. DMR Nets (KE0FHS)
    2. Ham Radio DMR Nets Telegram Group
  6. Pi–Star
    1. BrandMeister Talkgroup List
    2. Forums
    3. FCS Reflectors
    4. Github: Andy Taylor (explore the inner workings of Pi–Star)
    5. Pi–Star Users Support Group
    6. Pi–Star Notes
    7. Pi–Star Deep Dive (podcast) Streaming audio
    8. Pi–Star Integration with BrandMeister API
    9. Pi–Star Support Telegram Group New
    10. Road to the MMDVM Streaming video
    11. Wiki
  7. Radios
    1. TYT MD-UV380
      1. Comments on the TYT MD-UV380
  8. Repeaters
    1. Frequency (Repeater) Coordinating Councils—USA & Canada
  9. Reflectors
  10. Repeater Networks
    1. N2JTI NJ-NY-PA DMR Ham Radio Network
    2. WR3IRS Interstate Repeater System
  11. Resources
    1. Amateur Radio Guide to Digital Mobile Radio pdf
    2. Basics of DMR Digital Mobile Radio | Radioddity
    3. Colorado Digital Multiproticol
      1. Telegram (secure online chat)
    4. DMR Simplex Frequencies for NA
    5. Ham Radio DMR | Telegram
    6. Introduction to DMR | Tait Radio Academy (Series of videos; commercial, but useful—have a look) Streaming video
    7. Reddit: DMR
  12. Software
    1. DroidStar (DMR, D–Star, Fusion, more)
    2. Codeplug; Building a…
      1. DMR Codeplug 1.0.1 | K3NXU
      2. How to Build a Code Plug | K9NPX
    3. Codeplug; Organizing a…
      —Choosing talkgroups and grouping them into zone lists.
    4. N0GSG Contact Manager (manipulate codeplugs)
    5. SD Card Tools
      — To make a Pi–Star file for your hotspot, I suggest using 16gb or 32gb Class 10 SanDisk or PNY cards. Don't depend upon the cheap no-name cards found in some hotspots.
      1. SD Memory Card Formatter
      2. Win32 Disk Imager

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