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Revised 2021-06-24

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  1. Get your amateur radio license…
  2. What is DMR?
    1. DMR For Dummies
    2. What Is DMR? (also see Tait videos)
  3. Get/Register a DMR ID |
  4. Amateur Radio Notes by KE0FHS
  5. Networks
    1. BrandMeister Network
      1. BrandMeister Explained
      2. BrandMeister News
      3. BrandMeister Talkgroups
      4. Hoseline Updated
        — A capability to listen to talkgroups using a browser, prior to early 2020, permanently disappeared by October 2020. A new version of Hoseline appeared May 14, 2021.
        1. TG 31360 TriState Info
      5. BrandMeister Bans
      6. CCS7 User Database (search by call or DMR ID)
      7. Changelog (network software changes)
      8. Digital Communications Interconnect
        1. Talkgroups
      9. Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)
      10. DMR Learning Series by KD8TWG
      11. DMR Learning Series by K8JTK
      12. DMR-MARC
        1. Worldwide Talkgroups
      13. Ham Digital
      14. Hotspot Security
        1. Configure Hotspot Security (Pi-Star, openSpot, BlueDV)
        2. Hotspot Security, Pi-Star
      15. Last Heard
        1. 3021 Canada
        2. 3134 New Jersey
        3. 31088 CO HD
        4. 31360 TriState
        5. 31629 SW Iowa ‐ Nebraska
        6. 31660 Ocean County NJ
        7. 310015 Fair Lawn (NJ) ARC
      16. Messaging
      17. Server Locations in USA
      18. Server Masters
      19. Talkgroup Top Activity Aggregator | K3HEX (Easy-to-read last-heard one–page overview).
      20. Talkgroups (Download CSV etc list using buttons atop page)
      21. Twitter @BMMasterStatus (monitors status of BrandMeister servers)
      22. Weirdness (changing master servers…)
    2. FreeDMR New
    3. HBLink (HBLink provides a suite of programs for building and extending existing networks.)
      2. HBlink for Python3
      3. HBlink Monitoring Server: ColoradoHD.31088
      4. Make Your Own DMR Server
    4. T G I F Network
      1. Pi-Star Configuration for T G I F
      2. T G I F Forum
      3. T G I F Lands in Pi-Star
      4. T G I F through the DMRGATEWAY (older method)
      5. T G I F Talkgroups
      6. T G I F Windows
  6. Contact Lists
    2. DMR Contact List Download
  7. Hotspots
    1. Firmware Upgrade
      — A firmware release in the late fall of 2020 has prompted discussions on how to upgrade and if it is necessary to do so. A suggestion: before upgrading, make a note the firmware version currently in use. The following includes a select list of links related to upgrading tophat firmware. The list is not comprehensive. FWIW I don't believe it is necessarily beneficial to upgrade firmware, but the choice is yours. User beware. Your mileage may vary.
      1. New MMDVM_ HS_Hat firmware released (message thread)
      2. Latest Firmware? (message thread)
      3. MMDVM_ HS Releases
      4. Updating hotspot firmware via Pi-Star
    2. Resources
      1. Hotspot Offset Calibration | K9NPX
      2. ZUMspot & MMDVM Demo Page
      3. ZUMspot Raspberry Pi Info and Setup
      4. ZUMspot—DMR Hotspot
    3. Vendors
      — The following includes a select list of hotspots, based upon conversations with persons whose opinions I and friends trust. The list is not comprehensive. Links are not endorsements. Buyer beware. Your mileage may vary.
      1. DMRspot
      2. Hotspots by Ailunce
      3. MMDVM Duplex Hotspot | Commswg
      4. NEX-GEN Custom Hot Spots
      5. SharkRF openSPOT
  8. Time Converter
  9. Nets
    1. Sunday
    2. Monday
      1. PAPA DMR Roundtable: TG 31077 (Mon 2000 Pacific time)
    3. Tuesday
      1. Colorado Digital MultiproticolColorado HD Hotspot Discussion Net: TG 31088 (Tue 1930 Mountain time – 2130 Eastern –)
        1. Colorado HD Net Recordings
        2. Telegram (secure online chat)
        3. TG31088 Net Check-in
        4. Colorado Digital HD Net Resources
      2. DMR Information Net: TG 31648 (Tue 1930 Central time, net control KC5RJL)
      3. East Coast Reflector Tech & Swap-Shop Net (Tue 2000 Eastern time)
      4. North Star Digital Net: TG 31630 (Tue 2000 Eastern time—DMR news, discussion et al; net control WA2UMP)
    4. Wednesday
      1. Florida Statewide: TG 3112 (Wed 1930 Eastern time) New
      2. Tennessee / Alabama / Georgia (TAG): TG 31472 (Wed 1930 Eastern time) New
      3. Georgia DMR Net: TG 3113 (Wed 2000 Eastern time—DMR news, discussion et al)
      4. Digital Learning Net TG 310847 (Wed 2100 Eastern time—Q&A on digital radio) New
    5. Thursday
      1. NJ Emergency Communications Team Net: TG 3134 (Thu 1900 Eastern time— emergency comms purpose; net control K2HES)
      2. Tidewater (VA) DMR Net: TG 31515 (Thu 2100 Eastern time—DMR news, discussion et al; net control WZ4K)
      3. 31171 Net: TG 31171 (Thu 2000 Central time—general purpose net, see link for additional multiproticol inputs; net control KB9TZQ)
      4. #redditnet FakeHam LIDNet: TG 98003 (Thu 2130 Eastern time—fun and sometimes silly)
      5. San Francisco Bay Area Net: TG 31075 (Thu 2000 Pacific time) New
    6. Friday
    7. Saturday
      1. F-troop: TG 505005 (Sat 0000 UTC – general purpose net) (also on AllStar/Echolink)
    8. Lists, Other Sources
      1. K4KNJ: Ham Radio DMR Nets ( on Telegram)
      2. N8NQP : Digital Repeater System Calendar : Nets
      3. NEX-GEN: DMR Nets
      4. Quadnet2 Nets
      5. Rickey: DMR Nets
      6. Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society | SNARS : Nets
      7. W0WC: BrandMeister DMR Nets
  10. Pi–Star
    1. BrandMeister API
    2. BrandMeister Talkgroup List
    3. Color Schema
    4. CW ID
      1. Cautionary MMDVM Tale
      2. Pi-Star CW ID
    5. DMR+ with Pi-Star (add DMR+ networks to co-exist with BrandMeister)
    6. Forums
    7. FCS Reflectors
    8. Github: Andy Taylor (explore the inner workings of Pi-Star)
    9. Pi-Star Users Support Group
    10. Hotspot Interface
    11. Make a Full Pi-Star Image File
    12. MMDVM Scrolling Logo
    13. MMDVMCAL
    14. Pi-Star Colors
    15. Pi–Star Deep Dive (podcast) Streaming audio
    16. Remote Commands | Shutdown & Reboot
    17. Road to the MMDVM Streaming video
    18. Updating and upgrading Pi-Star
    19. Wiki
  11. Private Calls & SMS Text Messaging
  12. Radios
    1. TYT MD-380
      1. Scanning (setting up scan lists on 380/390)
    2. TYT MD-UV380
      1. Comments on the TYT MD-UV380
      2. 60 Days with the TYT MD-UV380 (source: HVDN)
      3. Firmware Update: TYT MD-UV380/390 Update 17.05 (also CPS software) (source: HVDN)
      4. Teardown & Comparison: TYT MD-UV380: Part 1 & Part 2 (source: HVDN)
  13. Raspberry Pi
  14. Reflectors
    1. Colorado Digital Multiprotocol Reflector Gateway #31088
    2. DCI c-Bridge Netwatch – Active Talker & Last Heard List
    3. KC5HWB CBridge 2.0 NetWatch (Home)
    4. Netwatch NJ-TRBO
    5. Pi-Star Multi-Reflector #31672
      1. What is the Pi-Star Multi-Reflector?
    6. XLX Multiproticol Gateway Reflector | KC2IDB
  15. Repeaters
    1. Frequency (Repeater) Coordinating Councils—USA & Canada
  16. Repeater Networks
    1. K4USD Network
    2. N2JTI NJ-NY-PA DMR Ham Radio Network
    3. N2NSA NY Metro DMR Repeater Network
    4. WR3IRS Interstate Repeater System
  17. Resources
    1. Amateur Radio Guide to Digital Mobile Radio pdf
    2. Basics of DMR Digital Mobile Radio | Radioddity
    3. Codeplugs
    4. CQ DMR Map by EA2CQ
    5. Dealers
      — A select list of dealers, based upon conversations with persons whose opinions I and friends trust, selling DMR radios. The list is not comprehensive. Links are not endorsements. Buyer beware. Your mileage may vary.
      1. Amateur Radio Toys
      2. Bridgecom Systems
      3. Buy Two Way Radios
      4. Connect Systems Inc
      5. Let's Get Ready
      6. Smraza (Raspberry Pi)
    6. DMR Shack | DMR Blog and Review
    7. DMR Shack | DMR to YSF
    8. DMRTexas
    9. First Coast DMR
    10. Ham Radio Concepts Streaming video
    11. Ham Radio DMR | Telegram
    12. Ham Radio 2.0 (more videos) Streaming video
    13. Hotspot—Hardware Network Switch: BrandMeister–DMR Marc
    14. Hudson Valley (NY) Digital Network
    15. Introduction to DMR | Tait Radio Academy (Series of videos; commercial, but useful—have a look) Streaming video
    16. N5AMD's Digital Voice Resource
    17. Reddit: DMR
    18. Powerwerx Software Downloads (radios, USB cable drivers, firmware, DMR contact CSV files, codeplugs)
    19. Roger Clark, Freelance IT Consultant & Developer — OpenGD77 Project
      1. OpenGD77 Forum
        OpenGD77 conversations have mostly moved to the BrandMeister talkgroup 98977.
    20. Using APRS on DMR…
    21. VA2PV Ham Radio Video Playlist Streaming video
    22. Additional Digital Resource Materials
  18. SMS Text Messaging
  19. Software
    1. DroidStar (DMR, D–Star, Fusion, more)
    2. Codeplug; Building a…
      — There are numerous YouTube videos but I prefer the printed word. Your mileage may vary.
      1. DMR Codeplug 1.0.1 | K3NXU
      2. How to Build a Code Plug | K9NPX
    3. Codeplug; Organizing a…
      —Choosing talkgroups and grouping them into zone lists.
    4. Codeplugs; Sample…
      — Codeplugs are enigmas. Whereas it is best to learn to build your own codeplug, looking at samples can help. These repositories may be helpful. Third-party codeplug editors (below) can convert file formats and make global changes.
      — If using a sample codeplug, you may have to change the hotspot simplex frequency to conform to your area's bandplan, cf. USA & Canadian Frequency Coordinators.
      1. Anytone Codeplugs by State (see warning)
      2. Colorado Digital Codeplugs
      3. DMR at Foxhollow
      4. DMR Starter Codeplugs… | Miklor
      5. DMRTexas National Codeplugs
      6. DMRTexas User-contributed Codeplugs
      7. DMR-Utah Codeplugs
      8. Florida Digital Amateur Radio Network Codeplugs
      9. Hoosier DMR Codeplug Vault
      10. Hudson Valley Digital Network Codeplug Repository
      11. Minnesota DMR Codeplugs
      12. N2JTI NJ-NY-PA & WR3IRS DMR Codeplugs
      13. TYT MD-UV380/390 Basic Codeplug | Parker (CO) Radio Assn
    5. Codeplug Editors
      — FYI. I haven't evaluated or thoroughly tested all editors. Third-party editors that not been updated since January 2020 have been removed from this webpage listing. See my notes. Back up your codeplug file(s) before using an editor. I like, use and support N0GSG's software; recommended.
      1. N0GSG Contact Manager (manipulate codeplugs)
    6. SD Card Tools
      — I suggest using 16gb or 32gb Class 10 SanDisk or PNY cards. Don't depend upon the cheap no-name cards found in some hotspots, including those from China.
      1. SD Memory Card Formatter
      2. Win32 Disk Imager

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