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Revised 2020-02-06

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BrandMeister Bans

Lose your connection to a BrandMeister master server? Too many quick keyups may be the cause. In response to a question in the Telegram BrandMeister General Support (English) forum, W7XM posted the official explanation.

"More than 4 keyups, with 2 seconds or less transmission within 1 Minute is banned for 1 hour on the master the hotspot is connected to."

W7XM continues "…so to clarify it only triggers when using devices (hotspots) like openSpot (1,2,3), MMDVM's (simplex mode), DVMega, etc. So some repeaters are using other software and then linking back to BrandMeister. So in that case it sees it as a hotspot and the rules apply."

For a work-around, use the Pi-Star Configuration to change to a different master server.

BrandMeister Wierdness

January 2020: An Interesting situation with a simplex hotspot. Talking to friends, at times communications was lost for a few minutes. i looked at the speed, ping and traceroute to see if we could isolate the cause. I opted to use the Pi-Star Configuration to change USA BrandMeister servers from 3103 to 3101.

I have no idea what happened. AC2F wrote "Different master? Each one saves your own set of talkgroups. There are odd things with OS when it switches to 'backup master' you are getting different settings (which you've probably set a month ago on backup master)." I thought my 3103 and 3101 Selfcare settings were alike, but who knows? I know I deliberately never set any static groups. N1AJW wrote "A while back, a year or two, everyone had tg91 as static suddlenly. Same thing, they never put it on." W7XM jokingly says "solar flares…" I tend to believe W7XM's explanation.

Moral of the story: keep detailed notes on your Pi-Star software and BrandMeister website settings. If you use different servers, keep separate Selfcare notes for each server. And check through your Pi-Star's Configuration for unexpected changes before going back to the Dashboard.

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