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drama-mask And we say…

17 December 2019

Forbes: Congress Set To Pass SECURE Act At Last Minute, Impacting Retirement Planning And Increasing Taxes

…: a piece of legislation called the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act (SECURE Act), which passed the House with a 417-3 vote earlier this summer…

It is a multi-faceted piece the Forbes writer suggests will negatively affect stretch RMD provisions, but a Barron's writer suggests will positively help those continuing to work beyond age 70 ½, allowing contributions to continue. Whatever the SECURE Act finally turns out to be—one never knows with Congress—it may warrant your attention if you plan to work beyond normal expected retirement age.

9 December 2019

Cell Phone in Cars!

The Bloomberg story How Bad Is Distracted Driving? Data Shows Americans Are Still Texting is downright scary.

Have you ever
listened to someone for a
while and wondered…

"who ties your
shoelaces for you?"

Yes, I may use the phone in my vehicle, but only for hands-free conversations. The Bluetooth connection enables voice control. Show this to family, young drivers and friends… and watch for distracted drivers around you.

4 December 2019

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe…

…beams back first insights from sun’s edge. To date there have been three passes, sweeping 7 times closer than any solar probe or observatory. Fascinating stuff. Read the story here.

1 December 2019

Democrats Begathon!

If you missed the November posting have a read of the pathetic letters.