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— October 2019

drama-mask And we say…

27 October 2019

Impeachment in the Swamp

Spot on as far as I am concerned. This Impeachment Subverts the Constitution - WSJ.

26 October 2019

Trojan malware in Apple apps

Wandera found 17 infected apps in the Apple App Store. If you have any listed installed on your phone, delete them.

20 October 2019

Watch the Aurora Online

The Canadian Space Agency AuroraMAX camera in Yellowknife is back on line for the season.

18 October 2019

Fractional Share Trading

There is no reason to use websites like Robinhood to buy and trade stocks anymore. Schwab just drove a stake into such firms. No doubt other large brokerage firms will follow. Let's see. Last week, no commissions. This week, fractional shares. T'is a very far cry from when I bought my first shares (Burroughs) in 1963.

14 October 2019

Fox News Talk

Fox News Talk was removed from SiriusXM on Oct 12 at 1 am Eastern for unknown reasons. I found a way to listen to the programming. The alternatives include TuneIn and Online Radio Box. After opening a webpage or launching an app search for 'Fox News Talk' and mark it as a favorite. I haven't yet found a source for a program schedules list.

12 October 2019

News of the World

Updates to the world newspaper and press agencies webpages are posted. The African webpage was the most difficult; numerous sites seemingly disappeared when in fact the URLs had dramatically changed.

4 October 2019


On this day, 4 October 1957, the USSR launched Sputnik—the first orbiting satellite—and the space race was on. I heard Sputnik numerous times during the weeks the radio transmitter beeped, using a Hallicrafters 8R40 receiver, on 20 and 40 Mc.

1 October 2019

Welcome to this blog

This blog is a potpourri of my thoughts on politics, the state of the union and other items that attract my attention. Come along for the ride.

Website updates

I believe broken links and out of date websites are worse than no information. I periodically run a URL checker to ensure this website is reasonably accurate. Should you encounter a broken or mislabeled link, please let me know. The email address is at the bottom of every page.

5 October 2019

The state of impeachment

The Washington swamp continues to ooze, snaring all who enter the primordial goo. Speaker Nancy Pelosi ignores calls by the Republicans for a traditional "official" full House vote on the articles of impeachment—not wanting to put the Blue Dog Democrats in red districts at risk in the 2020 election—and has delegated the inquiry to Adam Schiff, chairman of the Intelligence Committee. Representative Schiff has made a number of missteps, including a parody of the telephone conversation transcript provided by the White House and apparently lying about meeting with the whistleblower prior to the receipt of the complaint.

If it’s a straight party-line vote, they’ll win in the House, fail in the Senate, and lose in America.
Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal, 5 Oct 2019

Subpoenas have been delivered to the White House, but the WH refuses to comply as the full House has not voted on whether to impeach. The new president of the Ukraine seemingly stands by President Trump who continues to post numerous tweets lambasting the Democrats, candidate Biden and son Hunter, and the process itself.

The liberal broadcast and print media maelstrom continues unabated. Most of the country does not see the Washington Post and the New York Times, but CNN, MSNBC and Fox News do their best to keep the impeachment news at the forefront. Talk radio carries on as well. A very few commenters have taken a more sensible approach. Whereas President Clinton was convicted of the crime of lying to a grand jury, President Trump may not have exercised good judgement in his choice of words in the phone call but that is not a crime.

The drama will continue. In the end, I believe the Democrats will lose.

1 October 2019

The state of the union

The progressive liberal Democrats, failing to win the 2016 election, have focused on disrupting President Trump's and the conservatives' agenda. After the $25M two-plus year Russia investigation, headed by Robert Mueller, failed to generate impeachable evidence, now a telephone call between the President and the new president of Ukraine is dominating the House Democrats' attention and the "fake" news media.

I am so tired of Congress not doing the people's work. The Washington swamp should be funding border control and ICE enforcement, upping drug enforcement, stopping illegal guns flowing across the border, reducing gang violence, funding infrastructure, and reducing healthcare costs. This is what matters.

In reality, I believe the Democrats holding the majority in the House will eventually vote to impeach but the Republican majority in the Senate will not vote to remove President Trump. And Congress will not do anything for their constituents…

1 October 2019

'OK' a hate symbol?

You can't make this stuff up. The hand gesture 👌 is now a hate symbol for white nationalism. Don't make the hand gesture. Unbelievable! How long has 'OK' been in our lexicon?


ParlerAn alternative to the liberal-bent Twitter, Parler is similar in structure and format. Unlike Twitter, conservatives are not banned but there are significantly fewer members. If you like Twitter's social media methodology, have a look.


On August 26, an Oklahoma judge ruled Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) is liable for fueling the opioid crisis and must pay $572 million to the state. Barron's September 23 cover story Tallying The Opiod Litigation lists JNJ's estimated nationwide liability at $5.9 billion. (The other 11 listed by the writers include the distributor Mckesson ($MCK) at $10.9 billion, and the pharmacy Walgreens ($WBA) at $1.4 billion.) Ridiculous. Why should J&J be liable? The doctors who over-prescribed the strong pain medicines should be responsible. The pharmacists that didn't question the dosages, frequencies and filling of the prescriptions should be responsible. It is too easy to go after the big firms—a single source of big money—rather than the doctors and the pharmacies.

The problem in all of this? Some patients suffering indeterminable, significant pain from the incurable Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD aka CRPS) and other unfixable maladies require such medications to have some semblance of a life. For those persons to now be deprived of such help because of doctor or pharmacist failures is the crime.


Vaping, or cigarettes, is a hot topic in the news these days. Deaths number ~20 and reported illnesses are over 800, according to the CDC. Have you noticed the media fails to compare the number of vaping deaths with the average number of 480,000 deaths per year due to cigarette smoking? Let's get the priorities straight.

Consider that smoking is an individual's choice. Perhaps it is cool or a curiosity. Wharever the reason, in the end no one forces a person to pick up a cigarette, e-cigarette or cigar.