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  1. Air Pollution in the World : Realtime Air Quality Map
  2. Android
  3. CedarCide (bug repellent)
  4. DNS Network Tools (free network analysis programs)
  5. Down for everyone or just me?
  6. DuckDuckGo
  7. Evernote
    1. Evernote Community
    2. Evernote Discussion Forums
    3. Evernote Help
  8. Galaxy Watch (User Manual) pdf (Samsung)
    1. 19 Best Galaxy Watch Apps (2018)
    2. How to Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Watch
    3. StockWatch–Live Stock Market QuotesStockWatch
      … by Gilles Lesire is a marvelous Galaxy Watch app for investors. It retrieves live US market quotes from the IEX. (Check the exchange to ensure your stocks and indicies are listed; the few OTC stocks I follow were not listed.) There are four screens: (1) last price; (2) day open-high-low and volume; (3) previous day close, YTD % gain/loss and 52 week high-low; and (4) a current or last trading day price graph. Install the full or TRIAL—a limit of 3 quotes—watch app through the Galaxy Wearables app on your phone. (If one were to know such things, after unpacking and setting up my watch, the first app I sought to install was an investing/stock market app. Recommended. Giddyup.) Full version: $8.99
  9. Google
    1. Gmail - What's New
    2. Google Apps Status Dashboard
    3. Google Fonts
    4. My Activity
  10. HowMuch
  11. Internet Archive: LibriVox
  12. Internet Archive: LibriVox: Channing: A Short History of the United States
  13. LMGTFY (Let Me Google That For You)
  14. Live Beach Center
  15. Live Cams
  16. Mighty Text
  17. Old Pics Archive
  18. Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog
  19. QR Code Generator
  20. SnipURL
  21. Raspberry Shake (earthquake monitoring)
  22. Symbols
  23. US Inflation Calculator
  24. USA Facts
  25. White House Historical Association New
  26. Worldometers
  27. Wolfram|Alpha