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  1. Get/Register a DMR ID
    1. Americas, Asia, Middle East, Oceania et al—everywhere other than Europe and Africa
    2. Europe and Africa
  2. Networks
    1. BrandMeister Network
      1. Brandmeister Explained
      2. BrandMeister News
      3. Hose Line
        — If your browser fails to produce audio, try another browser. My situation? Chrome fails, but Opera works on Win7 and DuckDuckGo works on Android. It makes no sense.
        — If no browser produces audio it is very likely that the Hose Line server software has failed. The only solution? Check back in the days following. I have never seen a webpage announcement one way or the other.
        — Some links below to lesser known talkgroups are simply to see if there is activity, and may not remain here. So many unused talkgroups, yet more are added each month. Ridiculous. Sigh…
        — An April 2019 post suggests using the URL "" as an alternative. Maybe…
        1. TG 91 Worldwide (Info)
        2. TG 310 TAC 310 (Info)
        3. TG 311 TAC 311 (Info)
        4. TG 310 TAC 312 (Info)
        5. TG 3108 Colorado (Info)
        6. TG 3134 New Jersey (Info)
        7. TG 3142 Pennsylvania (Info)
        8. TG 31012 QuadNet (Info) (QuadNet2 USA IRC Network)
        9. TG 31084 Mountain Skynet (Info)
        10. TG 31088 Colorado HD (Info)
        11. TG 31241 MD-DC XRF336 C (Info)
        12. TG 31360 TriState (Info)
        13. TG 31482 South Texas (Info)
        14. TG 31660 Ocean County (Info)
        15. TG 31672 Pi-Star Chat (Info)
        16. TG 31801 The Gathering Spot (Info)
        17. TG 31802 Chat Lounge (Info)
        18. TG 31803 Secret Talk Group (Info)
        19. TG 98003 Reddit (Info) (KM8V) New
        20. TG 310588 PA-SE Cluster (Info)
        21. TG 314259 TriState Fusion Bridge (Info)
        22. TG 3124257 DelMarVa 8802 (Info) New
      4. Talkgroups (Download CSV etc list using buttons atop page)
      5. CCS7 User Database (sesrch by call or DMR ID)
      6. Digital Communications Interconnect
        1. Talkgroups
      7. Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)
      8. Discovering DMR by KE0FHS (multi-part series; a must read)
      9. DMR Learning Series by KD8TWG
      10. DMR Learning Series by K8JTK
      11. DMR-MARC
        1. Worldwide Talkgroups
      12. DMR For Dummies
      13. Ham Digital
      14. K4USD Network
      15. N2JTI NJ-NY-PA DMR Ham Radio Network
      16. N2NSA NY Metro DMR Repeater Network
      17. WR3IRS Interstate Repeater System
      18. Netwatch NJ-TRBO
      19. XLX Multiproticol Gateway Reflector
      20. DMR Repeaters, Area List
    2. T G I F Network New
      1. T G I F through the DMRGATEWAY
  3. Radios
    1. Anytone AT-D878UV
      1. Modifications
      2. Modifications, hints, tips and technical information…
    2. Retevis
    3. TYT MD-380
      1. Scanning (setting up scan lists on 380/390)
    4. TYT MD-UV380
      1. Notes
      2. 60 Days with the TYT MD-UV380 (source: HVDN)
      3. Firmware Update: TYT MD-UV380/390 Update 17.05 (also CPS software) (source: HVDN)
      4. Teardown & Comparison: TYT MD-UV380: Part 1 & Part 2 (source: HVDN)
  4. Hotspots
    1. Micro–Node Int'l's Nano–Spot
    2. NEX-GEN Custom Hotspots
    3. SharkRF Hotspot
    4. ZUMspot & MMDVM Demo Page
    5. ZUMspot Raspberry Pi Info and Setup
    6. ZUMspot— DMR Hotspot
  5. Nets
    1. Colorado HD Hotspot Discussion Net (Fri 1930 Mountain time - excellent!)
    2. DMR Nets (Rickey)
    3. KE0FHS: DMR Nets
    4. List of DMR Nets (NEX-GEN)
  6. Resources
    1. CQ DMR Map by EA2CQ
    2. Dealers
      — A selected list of dealers, based upon conversations with persons whose opinions I trust, selling DMR radios. The list is not comprehensive. Links are not endorsements. Buyer beware. Your mileage may vary.
      1. Amateur Radio Toys
      2. Bridgecom Systems
      3. Buy Two Way Radios
      4. Grapevine Amateur Radio
      5. Let's Get Ready
      6. Smraza (Raspberry Pi)
    3. First Coast DMR New
    4. Ham Radio Concepts Streaming video
    5. Ham Radio 2.0 Streaming video
    6. Hudson Valley (NY) Digital Network
    7. Reddit: DMR
    8. Using APRS on DMR…
  7. Software
    1. Codeplugs
      — Codeplugs are enigmas. Whereas it is best to learn to build your own codeplug, looking at samples can help. These repositories may be helpful. Third-party codeplug editors (below) can convert file formats. Ses my notes below.
      1. DMR at Foxhollow
      2. DMR Starter Codeplugs…
      3. DMR-Utah Codeplugs
      4. Global DX System MD-380 Codeplug
      5. Hoosier DMR Codeplug Vault
      6. Hudson Valley Digital Network Codeplug Repository
      7. KD2KVZ DMR Codeplugs
      8. MD-380 Brandmeister codeplug | Digiham
      9. N2JTI NJ-NY-PA & WR3IRS DMR Codeplugs
      10. National Codeplugs | DMRTexas
    2. Codeplug Editors
      — FYI. I haven't evaluated or thoroughly tested all editors. Back up your codeplug files. I like and use N0GSG's software; recommended.
      1. DMR CPS Programmer by DL5MCC
      2. DMR Config—Command Line Editor (Win/Linux/Mac OS) by KK6ABQ
      3. Editcp—Codeplug Editor by WJ2O (manipulate codeplugs)
      4. N0GSG Contact Manager (manipulate codeplugs)
      5. TYT Codeplug Editor by G6AMU (manipulate codeplugs)
    3. Pi-Star
      1. Pi-Star Forum
      2. Pi-Star Hotspot Interface
      3. Pi-Star Wiki
      4. BrandMeister Talkgroup List
      5. Pi-Star Users Support Group
      6. Pi-Star Notes by KE0FHS
        1. SSH Access to Pi-Star
        2. Pi-Star Remote commands New
      7. Reflectors
      8. Updating and upgrading Pi-Star by KE0FHS
        1. Changing a hotspot frequency (Avoid satellite frequencies; hotspot may be blocked from operating.) New

Some notes on the TYT MD-UV380…

Eternally under construction

The MD-UV380 is a mid-2018 dual-band variant of the popular MD-380. Web searches do not yield much information about the radio. In my opinion, the manual could be improved. The folliwing items are notes and observations made since purchasing the radio in July 2018. The CPS software is version 1.03; I haven't perceived a need to upgrade it

Around the end of 2018 TYT seems to have discontinued the MD-UV380. The replacement appears to be the water-resistant MD-390. My readings suggest the internals are the same as the MD-UV380.

A few notes on codeplug manipulation…

Eternally under construction

Whither unlinking using TG 4000

Eternally under construction

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